Selected Articles Related to Freedom in Christ


Daily Affirmation of Faith, V. Matthews

The Wheel & Line: A Guide to Freedom through the Cross, C. Solomon

Who the Believer is In Christ

The Overcomer’s Covenant, M. Quarles

The Dynamics of Transformation, J. Glenn

Testimony of Deliverance, Rick M.

More Than Conquerors, C. H. Spurgeon

Not I, but Christ, S. Olford

On Pure Love, F. Fenelon

Steps to Victorious Living – outline

Freedom from Addiction: part 1, JBW
part 2 
part 3
part 4

Paradigm Shift, JBW

Tearing Down Strongholds, part 1  part 2, JBW

Three D Sanctification, JBW

Protecting Your Thought Life, JBW

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