The Plan

Components of the Proverbs [chapter] 5 Discipleship Plan
Includes 5 elements:

  • Reading Books
  • Daily Bible Reading & Prayer
  • Daily grace-oriented devotional reading
  • Journaling
  • Wisdom group

This Plan is considered to be a two month commitment (hopefully continuing as a two month cycle for a year or until graduating to a different discipleship path).

1) Books
This path includes reading freedom-oriented discipleship books. No worries; the average pace is a couple of chapters a week.

Recommended books include:

1. Victorious Living

  • How to Exchange Your Life for a New One, by Phil Jones (Grace Fellowship Int’l) videos
  • Handbook to Happiness, by Charles Solomon (Tyndale House) videos
  • Lifetime Guarantee, by Bill Gillham ( videos
  • Discover Your Riches in Christ, by Lee Turner (Grace Fellowship Int’l) videos
  • Free at Last: Experiencing True Freedom Through Your Identity in Christ, by Tony Evans (Moody Publishers)
  • The Normal Christian Life, by Watchman Nee (
  • The New Life, by Reginald Wallace (Grace Fellowship Int’l) videos

2. Wisdom for Sexual Morality

  • Think Before You Look: Avoiding the Consequences of Secret Temptation, by Daniel Henderson (Living Ink/AMG;
  • Slaying the Monster: Six Battle Strategies for Overcoming Pornography, by Marcus Warner (
  • Winning the Battle Within: Realistic Steps to Overcoming Sexual Strongholds, by Neil Anderson (Harvest House)
  • At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, by Steve Gallagher (Pure Life Ministries)
  • See No Evil: Learning to Abstain from Immorality, by George T. Crabb (
  • Every Man’s Battle, by Stephen Arterburn with Mike Yorkey (Waterbrook)
  • Pure Desire: Helping People Break Free from Sexual Struggles, by Ted Roberts (Regal)

You select the sequence of reading. We suggest reading a book per month, alternating book categories.

2) Daily Bible Reading & Prayer

Personal fellowship with God is experienced through consistent, receptive reading of the Bible and and prayer.

Suggested resources: The Scripture Union Daily Bible Reading schedule. The plan covers the Bible in four years, but this reduces the daily reading segment to be a manageable portion (usually less than one chapter). This ministry serves in over 100 countries encouraging daily Bible engagement. See for the daily reading (with their Discover or Encounter devotionals).

YouVersion Bible app has various reading plans also. Selecting ESV translation, for example, includes the audio Bible feature. This way you can listen to the Scripture also.

Suggested resource to encourage prayer:

3) Daily Devotional

A grace-oriented daily devotional keeps this path a grace walk rather than a self-effort project. Recommended daily devotionals:

4) Journaling

It is helpful to write in a notebook what God is teaching you in the various aspects of this discipleship path. Our guideline is to write in your journal at least weekly. Use any form that helps you record and remember your progress.

Sample methods:

5) Wisdom Group

Enlist 1 or more friends (same gender) to use this discipleship plan and connect weekly or biweekly. This Proverbs 5 group is an opportunity to confidentially share, encourage, support, and pray for one another. This meeting could be in person, by conference call phone, or zoom online video or similar apps. (These communication platforms have free plans.)

The Progress Report is a document that lists the schedule of the Proverbs 5 Discipleship Plan. It has blanks to write in your book reading choices and other Plan activities.  Print off this document and record how many of the 5 elements of the discipleship Plan you were able to do each week (by God’s enabling grace and personal support). Record the number of completed activities (0,1,2,3,4,or, hopefully, 5) in the last column. Here are Proverbs 5 documents in various formats:

  • Proverbs 5 Plan – 2 Month sample Plan & Record document:
  • Proverbs 5 Plan – Blank Plan & Record document:

Concluding Tips

Don’t consider this plan as rules to merit God’s acceptance; as a believer you are already accepted in the Beloved (Eph. 1:6).

Don’t look at this plan as rules you should try to keep. You are under grace, not law (Rom. 6:14).

Do see this Plan as an opportunity to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18).

Do use this plan as a tool to demonstrate repentance and, if you are married, assist with reconciliation, and restoring fellowship and trust with your spouse.

If 6 months of the Plan is completed and submitted to Grace Fellowship International, a Proverbs 5 Plan Certificate will be sent to the student.

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