Escaping a Snare of the Enemy

Erwin Lutzer of Moody Memorial Church preached on “Pornography: The Soul Defiled.”  This message, based on Matthew 5:27-30, was part five in a series entitled “Seven Snares of the Enemy.”

Here are selected highlights from this sermon:

Pornography is everywhere and there are millions enslaved to the desires of sensuality that it enflames.

Jesus challenges us to be different. Can we pursue purity in our marriages? Can we harbor pure hearts, free from lustful thoughts and fantasies? Can we purify our associations, cutting off contact with practices, jobs, and objects which spark the fires of evil within us?

To be free from sexual sin is a painful and thorough process, but when we are eventually living in freedom, thanks to God’s Word [God’s Spirit] and God’s people, it will be worth it!

See the message transcript or download the audio recording here:

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